Battle Archery


Create a modern WordPress theme using medieval branding.

Battle Archery came to us from our mutual love of all things nerdy so it was a great match from the beginning. Using their medieval branding, we wanted to redesign their WordPress site that not only showcased their brand but also showed just how fun Archery Dodgeball can be using videos and social integration. We also fully optimized their setup with managed WordPress hosting, CDN, and added speed and security.

It’s really looking great! loving it!! I’m happy with everything!
John Pawlak
John Pawluk
Battle Archery, Nerf Zone
Battle Archery logo

To achieve our goal of a modern theme using medieval branding, we incorporated elements of their logo within the theme itself, using the arrows as section dividers, matching the button shape to the title and using high quality photography of their shields, swords and armor, as page headers to further convey their brand story. 


With over 15,000 sq ft, Battle Archery became one of the leading battle sports activity destinations in the greater Toronto area. They revolutionized Archery Dodgeball and even expanded to include the use of bows, swords and shields! Complete with sniper towers and fortifications, it’s an experience you won’t forget!

Battle Archery screenshot

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