Upgrade Shopify theme and clean up previous excess theme code.

We had previously worked with our friend Kassandra with her last site, Rebel Love, so we were honored when she asked us to help her with issues she was having with her Shopify store as her go-to website team. We were able to upgrade her theme, clean up some leftover stuff from her previous theme, brand her online chat and rewards app, fix up her email marketing integration and get her site back up and rockin’. 

The result? 100k in product sales with a nice conversion rate increase after her relaunch!

I had an amazing experience working with Joey Proulx for my website development needs. They swooped in when I was facing major hiccups and transformed my site into something I'm genuinely proud of. In no time, they cleaned up my site and even helped me craft a brand image that truly reflects me. If you're looking for a developer who's not just skilled, but also friendly and quick to get things done, Be Loud Media is your go-to! They turned my web woes into 'web-wow'.
Kassandra Love
Kassandra Love
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One of the biggest headaches plaguing the Katakomb team was having to manually resize all of her product images, so we made sure that with the new theme upgrade that it will auto-resize images to fit the grid properly. 


Established in 2019 by Kassandra Love, KATAKOMB is an alternative clothing line specializing in dresses, hats and outfits for stylish couples. Kassandra Love is the former co-founder and designer of the retro-pinup retailer Rebel Love Clothing and Latex by Kassandra Love. Her visions are inspired by historical fashions and pop culture with a dark retro flair.


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