Create a new artist website integrating various media sources.

Phantom High was a brand new up and coming band in the alternative metal scene that needed a full branding package – logo, style guide, website, social media graphics and later on – music videos (which we made the main focus on their homepage).

For this build we integrated Bandsintown for their event listings, Spotify for their music streaming as well as links to all major music providers to purchase their music (Apple, Tidal, Amazon, YouTube). We also did a major ecommerce integration with Printful to do their print-on-demand merch for all online orders, making sure to match what they had available at their shows. 

I have been working with Joey Proulx for several years now with our Phantom High site and integrating it with our online sales, and even prior to Be Loud, everything has run so smoothly! I am an artist not a website designer, and the one thing I think that speaks to the quality of service they provide, is that I have never encountered an issue that required fixing! To me, there is no higher compliment to a company’s support qualitatively, than to have your skill set so honed that it avoids problems in the first place!! 10/10 highly recommend!!
Peril Erinyes
Peril Erinyes
Singer, Songwriter
Phantom High 1st logo
Phantom High horizontal logo

Their initial launch concept was “HORRORGLAMCORE” and they wanted that 80s VHS horror movie feel so we combined some vaporwave aesthetics with a horror style font to give that blend of everything the 80s were famous for. This combined style very much suited the band’s music as it was a combination of alternative metal with synthwave keyboards as well. 


“Imagine taking Rob Zombie or White Zombie and laying down some djent Meshuggah riffs over it. Sounds crazy right?

Not only do Phantom High take the industrial and djent styles and smash them together, they look the part to. Vocalist Peril Erinyes looks as if John 5 and pretty much any member from any glam band had a child and couldn’t agree on how to raise it. While on the other side, guitarist Seven Six looks like they could be a big Stray From the Path fan, or maybe just a Ghost fan.” – Metal Injection

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