Recreate 30+ pages of missing artist data and build-in an artist contract management sytem.

The team at DSOL had an interesting situation – they had their domain hijacked and repointed to to a scam site and due to their intense touring schedule, weren’t able to send us their content easily in between show dates. Luckily we were able to use the Wayback Machine to see an archive of their old site and get an idea of where to take it. From there we were able to scrape all the artist bios and websites, Spotify/YouTube/Apple Music/Amazon links from various sources, and create 30 artist pages, as well as revamp all their previous content while introducing their new services. 

We also had the opportunity to help build out their new brand and apply the look and feel of their new logo across their web assets. We registered their new domain, helped get their email managed WordPress hosting all setup and optimized. We them hardened all their security to ensure they won’t be compromised again.

Phase 2 includes an artist contract management system allowing them to easily send/access/manage all their artist contracts within their WordPress ecosystem. 

Quick, professional, patient, understanding, and easy to work with. Joey and the Be Loud team are all of these producing an excellent product. We couldn't be happier.
Troy Hilton
Troy Hilton
Tour Manager, Booking Agent
Darker Side of Light logo

DSOL had just updated their logo using a new futuristic approach with dark elements which really suited the bands on their roster. We built the website using these same elements, introducing some stunning animations and glitch effects that compliment the logo while not comprimising the brand.


Darker Side of Light Productions is a Kitchener/New Jersey based powerhouse in alternative entertainment since 2006. Founded by industry veterans Cliff Goodman and Troy Hilton, they offer a diverse range of services: Artist Booking, Tour Management, Music Engineering & Production, and Crew Services. With Lisa Nadie Garmonbozia, they offer comprehensive music production, reflecting their commitment to excellence. Their artist roster embraces the darker side of light, spanning DJs to live performances. Beyond music, they host alternative events, from fashion shows to festivals. 

DSOL Roster

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